Demystifying The Moon Tarot Card: A Complete Guide

The Moon Tarot is one of the most mysterious card in the tarot deck. As the 18th card of the Major Arcana, The Moon represents illusions, dreams, intuitions, and the unconscious realm.

Both alluring and unsettling, The Moon often shows up during the times of confusion, fear, and anxiety. However, it also offers profound insights into the hidden depths of our psyche.

In this guide, you’ll learn about The Moon’s symbolism, how to interpret it in readings, and what it reveals about love, career, finances, health, and spirituality.

The Moon Tarot Card Description

In the classic Rider-Waite deck, The Moon features a crescent moon hanging in the night sky between two stone towers. A narrow path winds between the towers into the distance, suggesting a winding journey into the unknown.

The Moon (XVIII) from the Rider–Waite tarot deck
The Moon (XVIII) from the Rider–Waite tarot deck

In the foreground, a small pond represents the subconscious mind and imagination. A small crayfish emerges from the water, symbolizing the emergence of intuition and inner wisdom.

On either side of the path, a domesticated dog and wild wolf howl at The Moon. These opposing animals illustrate the spectrum between civilized and primal instincts within every human psyche.

The Moon Tarot Card Upright Meanings

When The Moon appears upright in a tarot reading, its overarching meanings involve:

  • Illusion, deception, confusion
  • Blurred reality, misinformation
  • Heightened intuition, vivid dreams
  • Fear, anxiety, insecurity
  • Subconscious realms, hidden truths

General Interpretation

Upright, The Moon tarot signifies that things are not quite as they appear on the surface. You may be grappling with illusions, false truths, or misinformation. Or you might feel confused about a situation that lacks clarity.

This card calls you to embrace your intuition and tune into your subconscious mind and dreams. Powerful insights are emerging, but your conscious mind may distort or dismiss them. By opening up to your deeper wisdom, you can unveil the hidden truths beneath The Moon’s luminosity.

However, The Moon can also reflect inner fears and anxieties bubbling to the surface. As your subconscious communicates through symbols, visions, and dreams, anxiety often arises in response to its murky depths. Know that this is a natural reaction, but don’t let it control you. Instead, release your fears to The Moon’s flowing tides.

Love and Relationships

In relationship readings, The Moon suggests illusion and potential deception in romantic partnerships. Loneliness or insecurity may also cause you to project an inaccurate perception of a lover or relationship.

If committed, buried relationship issues could now emerge. Massage them gently rather than reacting defensively. And communicate compassionately to avoid misperception.

If dating, don’t ignore red flags about a new partner. Not everything is as it appears on the surface. Avoid rationalizing away concerning behaviors and let intuitive signals guide you.

Career and Finances

Professionally, The Moon can reflect confusion about career direction, challenges communicating at work, or potential deceit around financial deals.

Proceed cautiously with new work projects or investments, as all facts are not yet available. Research thoroughly, ask probing questions, and let intuition guide business decisions. Don’t ignore warning signs.

The Moon also suggests creative blockages for artists or writers. Channel your vivid dreams and intuitions into your work through constant practice.

Health and Wellness

Physically, The Moon can represent fertility issues, menstrual irregularities, or hormonal imbalances. Psychologically, it may point to struggles with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues.

Heed warning signs from your body-mind and seek appropriate care. Track your health patterns and symptoms. Avoid rationalizing away problems. Support healing through rest, stress reduction, and holistic care.


Energetically, The Moon stimulates psychic abilities and connection with spiritual realms. Vivid dreams, visions, and synchronicities may increase.

However, without proper discernment, you may misinterpret these intuitive messages. Avoid making significant decisions based solely on psychic input. Instead journal regularly, reflect on messages received, and integrate insights over time.

The Moon Tarot Card Reversed Meanings

When The Moon appears reversed in a reading, its overarching meanings include:

  • Releasing fear, inner blockages
  • Intuition/creativity flowing
  • Secrets being revealed
  • Regaining clarity, seeing truth

General Interpretation

The Moon reversed suggests that distorted perceptions and fears are now dissipating. Situations or relationships will become clearer as false illusions fall away.

What has felt confusing or anxiety-provoking will begin to make sense as shadowy fears are released to The Moon’s lunar tides. You will regain composure and see circumstances accurately.

The Moon reversed also indicates increased access to intuitive wisdom and creative flow. Let this energy guide you forward through inner blockages. Pay close attention to all signs, symbols, and synchronicities.

Love and Relationships

If deception or distrust has plagued a relationship, The Moon reversed signals that the truth will be revealed. This may initially seem unsettling but will catalyze greater authenticity. Communicate sensitively to work through revealed issues.

This card can also reflect creative blocks lifting for artists or writers. Imagination and intuition will begin flowing freely again.

Career and Finances

Professionally, confusing work situations will gain clarity so you can move ahead decisively. Creativity may be unleashed, inspiring innovative projects. Or stagnation will shift as you boldly implement ideas.

Financially, any unknowns around investments will be unveiled. You’ll gain insight into managing finances optimally. Or dishonest business partners may be exposed, signaling new, wise partnerships ahead.

Health and Wellness

Physically, mental fog and anxiety will lift as The Moon’s distortions clear. Seek holistic support for any chronic issues.

Psychologically, releasing fears through therapy, meditation and inner work will restore emotional equilibrium and access to intuition. Pay attention to all signals from your body-mind and support its innate wisdom.


Energetically, reversed Moon energy suggests blockages to spiritual flow are dissolving. You’ll begin aligning inner and outer worlds more harmoniously. Keep communing with your soul through spiritual practices. Divine guidance and synchronicity will return soon.

Interpreting The Moon Tarot in Different Positions

Beyond upright and reversed meanings, The Moon’s interpretation also depends heavily on where it falls in a tarot reading.

Past Position

The Moon in the past position reflects previous phases of illusion, anxiety or vivid intuition that set the stage for current circumstances. How you navigated The Moon then affects the present. Reflect on past intuitions, dreams or uncertainties.

Present Position

The Moon in the present marks a significant point of confusion, transition or need for discernment. Here, The Moon asks you to embrace intuition alongside logic in evaluating current circumstances. Pay close attention to all cues. Avoid reactive decisions.

Future Position

As a future card, The Moon signals upcoming phases of uncertainty, inner work and illumination. Prepare for a foggy passage that requires intuition and faith. aclarity emerges.

Yes/No Positions

In yes/no readings, The Moon indicates NO. It reflects insufficient clarity around the situation to make a clear decision.

The Moon Tarot Combinations

The Moon combines powerfully with cards of similar elemental energy, as well as complementary and contrasting cards.

The Moon + The High Priestess

This pairing doubles down on potent feminine intuition, psychic abilities, and connection with the subconscious realms. However, it warns against blindly following intuitive or “psychic” advice. Rein it in with logic and discernment.

The Moon + The Hermit

The Hermit’s introspection complements The Moon’s call to the subconscious. Together they signal the deep inner work and shadow integration necessary to move forward wisely. Intuition will reveal inner truths if you listen.

The Moon + The Devil

This “shadow combo” reveals fears and illusions empowering current limitations or obstacles. Deep inner work and release are essential now to progress beyond distortions of reality. Face darkness and integrate lessons.

The Moon + The Sun

The Sun’s radiance begins dispelling The Moon’s shadows, fears and confusions. With self-awareness and dedication, you can overcome anxiety and embrace intuitive gifts emerging from the dark.

Interpreting The Moon Reversed

When reversed, The Moon signals a lifting of fears, uncertainties and illusions that have clouded perception. Situations and relationships will become more clear as hidden deceptions surface. Anxiety dissolves and intuition flows freely. You are now prepared to see reality accurately and move forward aligned with soulful wisdom within.

Summary of Key Points:

  • The Moon tarot card represents illusion, intuition, dreams, and the unconscious realms
  • Upright it indicates confusion, anxiety, uncertainty, and the need to embrace inner wisdom
  • Reversed it reflects releasing fears, gaining clarity, and aligning with intuitive guidance
  • The Moon marks pivotal points of uncertainty and transition on the soul’s journey
  • With insight and discernment, its mysteries become gateways to profound awakening

The Moon’s light never fully illuminates the path, but with an open heart and keen intuition, you can gain just enough illumination to proceed mindfully through uncertainty. When embraced, no card in the tarot illuminates our inner realm with as much luminous insight as the elusive, mystical Moon.

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