Greenwich House Pottery

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Supporting artists and promoting the field of ceramics near Manhattan since 1904

Greenwich House Pottery


Founded in 1902 as one of New York’s first settlement houses, Greenwich House now invites aspiring potters into the historic pottery studios within their sprawling Greenwich Village campus. As part of their enrichment programming spanning early education, performing arts, and community services, Greenwich House Pottery offers classes for both rookie ceramic artists and devotees aiming to advance their practice.

Beginner Offerings
Aspiring potters first learn foundations during 12-week sessions that sell out quickly each semester. Talented instructors like Wren cover wheel basics to pulling vessels, handles, and lids while more advanced students work nearby.
"Sunday Samplers" allow newcomers to test the waters through intro workshops focused on wheel throwing or handbuilding techniques without lengthy commitments.
Kilns + Equipment
Students in classes gain access to the two expansive studios outfitted with over 30 pottery wheels alongside ample workspace for handbuilding projects using the slab roller and extruder.

As one of the only studios grandfathered in to allow cone 10 gas kilns in NYC, Greenwich House offers unique high-fire capabilities paired with in-house glazes.
Community Memberships
Once feeling comfortable with fundamentals after an intro class, aspiring potters can apply for competitive memberships granting unlimited studio access to continue developing independently.

GHP's hundred-year history has cultivated a community with deep roots, though mixed reception of newcomers. While many find lifelong friends to grow artistically with over years of classes, others feel the staff culture can seem elitist at times.
Whether a total novice getting their hands dirty for the first time or a devoted ceramicist pushing firing capabilities, GHP's storied past offers unique opportunities to create within an artistic legacy.

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