CLAY SPACE Ceramic Center

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Clay Space ceramic center near Greenpoint, Brooklyn

CLAY SPACE Ceramic Center


CLAY SPACE invites aspiring potters into their light-filled Brooklyn ceramic center focused on uplifting artists through clay across wheel throwing, hand building, and sculpture mediums. With knowledgeable teachers and all equipment provided in their industrial studio and classroom spaces, CLAY SPACE facilitates growth at every level while building an encouraging creative community.

Getting Started
Beginners first learn foundations during focused wheel throwing or hand building courses meeting once or twice a week over 5-8 weeks.

Patient instructors like Gabrielle share expertise in centering clay, pulling vessels, extruding coils and slabs, and more based on the class type.
3 bonus open studio hours per course support continuing new skills alongside other friendly students.
Once feeling comfortable after an intro class, aspiring potters use open studio hours to build on fundamentals independently or take more advanced specialty workshops.

Unlimited access allows members to pursue complex projects with reliable equipment including 29 wheels, slab rollers, extruders and ample workspace.
Ongoing mentorship help from studio monitors and other resident artists yields impressive growth in abilities and unique finished pieces.
Whether starting from scratch or evolving existing practices in ceramics, CLAY SPACE's commitment to knowledge sharing in an uplifting environment makes creativity feel accessible.

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275 Calyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

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