Choplet Gallery and Ceramic Studio

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Ceramic Studio & Gallery near Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Choplet Gallery and Ceramic Studio


Choplet Gallery and Ceramic Studio, founded by artist Nadeige Choplet, invites aspiring potters to join their welcoming Brooklyn pottery community focused on nurturing individual creative expression through clay. With knowledgeable teachers guiding newcomers and professionals alike across wheel throwing, hand building, and sculpture mediums, Choplet facilitates growth at every level.

Getting Started
Beginners first learn foundations during focused intro sessions tailored to developing personal skills over cookie-cutter assignments.

Encouraging teachers like Jessy and Sasha lead informative demonstrations before supporting students through individualized practice and feedback.
Small class sizes capped at 12 students ensure ample personalized guidance within the cozy studio space.
Ongoing Education
Beyond intro courses, aspiring potters strengthen emerging talents through specialized wheel throwing workshops or commissions collaborating directly with resident artists on custom projects.

Studio memberships provide 24/7 access to ample wheels, slab rollers, extruders alongside shelf space to continue developing complex works independently any day of the week.
An outdoor garden work area with heat lamps allows flexibility for large scale pieces all year round.
Whether a novice looking to explore a new creative hobby or devoted ceramicist aiming to focus full time on their art, Choplet's uplifting culture facilitates personal growth by making clay feel accessible.

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