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So pleased you’ve wandered under our starry tent. At Indielogy we’re a ragtag band of astrologers, linguists and scholars gathered around the celestial campfire to chinwag about the mysteries of the heavens.

We aim to dust off ancient astro ideas and give them a fresh polish for the modern soul – no need to blind you with astro-babble or heady Vedic lingo, dear! Consider us your mates who delight in the sharing of cosmic tales, zodiac secrets and planetary prophecies over a nice hot cuppa.

Our little caravan ambles along at an easy pace so you can soak up our star stories and discover how the dance of planets whispers wisdom for your journey. We sprinkle in a bit of cheeky humor too, for astrology should lift your spirit as well as guide you perfectly.

So do step inside our cozy astral abode. Let’s unravel celestial riddles and see what destiny might unfold for you under these glittering night skies. The heavens whisper such sweet promises sometimes. And we’re thrilled to have you along!

Meet Our Founding Team

Indielogy Founder


Founder & Content Manager

Indielogy Bella

Bella Nguen

Founder, Editor, Writer, Astrologer & Tarot Reader, Cares about Pets

Sara Thompson

Sara Thompson

Writer, Chief Responsibility Officer, Astrology and Yoga Enthusiast

Priya Senger Indielogy

Priya Senger

Social Media Marketer

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